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Welcome to NANDANKANAN Zoological ParkHepatitis Free Tripura

Human resource development through health care & Education.
Knowledge & Three Doses of Hepatitis B Vaccine for Every one.
To generate mass awareness about Hepatitis in general and Hepatitis B & C in particular.
To explain the preventive & Protective aspect of the disease in simplest manner to all concerned.
Mass immunization against Hepatitis B.
Expansion of activities by opening Hepatitis Clinic up to the peripheral level.
To take active initiative for research on Hepatitis in Tripura.
To bring Hepatitis B vaccination under the preview of National immunization Programme.
To provide counseling services to the patient of Hepatitis and their relatives.
Screening of family members of Hepatitis B.
To provide necessary treatment to the patient of Hepatitis.
To create a Hepatitis Registry in the State.
To participate in various Healths’s related programme.
To extend the activities in different sphere of health care delivery system
The Beginning : 28th July 2002
The Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura was born on 28th July 2002 on the Birth day of Dr BlumBurg, who discovered the Hepatitis B Vaccine & also on the auspicious day, which one is further declaered as World Hepatitis Day by the UNESCO, with dedicated citizens of almost every profession such as doctor, engineer, businessman, media personnel, and medical representatives, nursing staff, paramedical workers, medical laboratory personnel, health personnel, politicians, high officials, bankers, social workers, students & many others. The Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura was formed at the time when the medical fraternity in Tripura was unaware of gravity of the disease hepatitis specially B & C in the state. It was well known fact that hepatitis B & C are many times contagious than much talked disease of civilization -HIV. While International & National NGOs, central & state governments, media, social organization, whole of medical fraternity & even WHO are actively involved in mass awareness programme for HIV /AIDS disease & spending million for the same cause, remain silent for silent killer disease hepatitis. At this juncture some greedy pharmaceutical companies along with some pseudo social workers, organizations start vaccination against hepatitis Bat the highest cost possible without any sort of briefing or counseling about the disease. These so-called social workers looted people of Tripura at the cost of their unawareness & unknown fear of the disease. There were no scientific criteria or protocol followed for health beneficiaries before immunization. The Health Department of State Government did not have any control over them. At this juncture “Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura” emerged.

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